Artwork Specifications


We make designing your scratch off cards easy by providing in-depth, simple to follow templates! See below.

To make sure your job is proofed and produced quickly and seamlessly, we ask that you please send it back in the file you created it in (Illustrator/Photoshop file).

Everything is set up for you, all we ask you to do is the following:

  • Embed all images
  • Outline all type
  • Do not move our control number (It’s important! Set up fees may apply if things are moved around)
  • Follow directions in the proof (bleed, safe area, etc.)
  • No touchy the DO NO TOUCH layers. Just design in/place artwork in the ‘place artwork here’ layer.
  • Save file in it’s native format, and send over to your project manager.


Scratch off prizes should be uploaded using our prize creator link. Please don't include your prizes in your artwork.

Text under the scratch area is printed separately from the artwork and will not be on your artwork proof (unless they are upgraded to images). It will print the way you design it on the prize creator.

Description Dimensions
business card size2.0" x 3.5"Illustrator & Photoshop File  
credit card size2.125" x 3.375"
Illustrator & Photoshop File
index card size3" x 5"Illustrator & Photoshop File  
post card size4" x 6"Illustrator & Photoshop File  
post card size5" x 7"Illustrator & Photoshop File  
post card size6" x 9"Illustrator & Photoshop File  
raffle ticket style2" x 6"
Illustrator & Photoshop File